Guy I have been talking to & seeing stopped talking. Please look inside for details, was it something I did?

Less than a month ago, a guy I went to high school with (it has been years since we both graduated) added me on Facebook. I didn't think much of it until he started messaging me and we started talking everyday. Eventually, he asked for my number and we started texting everyday and having long conversations. I was excited to have someone new to talk to, and started liking him a bit. We met up once, over a week ago now, at a local bar to watch the football game and have some dinner and drinks. It was really fun. After that, he still kept texting me every day and we talked. He lives a little over an hour away, so it has been hard to meet up again, but I have been trying and he hasn't really been wanting to it seems. Now he hasn't texted me in about 4 days when usually he texts me everyday. I'm not sure if I should text him or just let it go and see what happens?


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  • You could try this real cool thing called "CALLING" him so you can TALK to him!

    • Okay, MothMonsterMan, say I take your advice. What would I say? Also, I'm not sure if it helps, but he has said before he does not like talking on the phone which is why we have relied so heavily on texting.

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    • Yeah, I do agree with you…it kind of sucks. Back when I was a teenager and didn't have a cell phone, I could easily call people and talk on the phone for hours. I feel like relying on texting/email/social media so much recently has made my social skills a lot worse.

    • Bingo! Now get out of that rut and get back in the real world.

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  • Text him girl maybe he's waiting for you

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