Confesses he's scared of getting hurt but now gone cold?

So me and my guy friend have been speaking for over a year & recently started seeing each other about 2-3 months ago. A couple of weeks ago we started arguing for a many of different reasons & he broke things off with me. It hurt like hell but I did my best to try & move on.

During the week he did many things that suggested he fucked up and made a wrong decision and on the thu he message me to see how I was & suggested meeting up to talk properly. Friday he told me he missed me & asked to speak about it the next day. I saw him that night, he was drunk and he said to go ahead and ask him why he's drunk.

I asked if this was what he wanted. (Me and him and he said yes.) I asked him if he meant what he said about seeing us have no future and he said no. He then admitted he was just scared off being hurt again & how I'm the first girl he's really liked in a long time and he gets scared and pushes me away (was cheated on by his 5 year relationship about 3 years ago.) but he said he wanted to try work this out.

2 days have gone by but why he seems friendly and okay through text he doesn't seem to want to carry on the conversations. His friend is also currently dying. I don't know what to think? Help?


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  • The best thing you can do is send him a text and tell him that you will be there for him and to call you if he wants to talk. Now, I am a guy and if you do the following thing you will win him back!!! It is important that you send him a text and NOT CALL HIM. WAIT FOR HIM TO CALL YOU. HE IS PLAYING YOU!!! HE IS PLAYING THE SYMPATHY CARD. When he calls you listen to him and tell him these exact words " I didn't appreciate you being drunk when we talked. I am someone that deserves to be treated with respect. I do care for you and want to help you out. But if you do that gain, I will never talk to you again." If he argues with you, then hang up. either expect 20 phone calls back or a week or two weeks of silence. Either way , he will be upset that you put him in place. Men LOVE women that give them honest opinions and hold themselves up with respect. Trust me on this!!!


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  • It seems like he's having a tough time there to think straight. I think maybe it's good that you can be by his side to comfort, listen, and support him for a bit. He needs someone to talk to, of course.

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