He asked e to be his gf yet there's no physical contact?

This guy asked me to be his gf a few days ago and apparently has liked me for quite awhile, just never made a move. Funny thing is he didn't get my number until after he asked me, we haven't been on a first date yet and probably the thing that bothers me most is that there is no physical contact. Like he'll first bump me to tell me good job. But not even a hug. Like I wanted to hug him goodbye the other day at school because it's a bf/gf thing. But he made no motion to hug me so I didn't cuz I don't know if he wanted one or not. Seriously my guy friend who already has a gf shows way more physical contact then he does... and I just don't get it... What's up? (I'm 18 and he's 21)


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  • Then up the physical contact.
    He's probably thinking the same thing.


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