Regretting that I said yes so soon... what should I do?

This guy I like asked me if I would be his gf. Caught off guard I said yet because I do like him and don't wanna make things awkward or loose him...

However, now I'm regretting it cuz I don't know if I feel ready yet. We've never even been on a date and I am so busy I have no idea when we could even go on a date. We haven't had contact outside school or work until recently. He thinks we know each other cuz we've worked together and had a few classes together for 4 months or so now. But I don't feel like I know him on a personal level like I've always though you should if someone is your significant other. I don't know if my parents would approve or what he's really like... we're so different in so many ways.

All along I wanted to say I don't know and talk to him about everything. But I felt like I couldn't cuz his buddy was there and this all took place across the room. But now I feel bad... I like him and probably would date him if I wasn't raised to sheltered. I'm honestly a little scared and scared to trust anyone cuz I've seen how two sided people can be. What should I do? Should I be worried he asked so soon and suddenly without even a first date or really knowing each other that well? (I'm 18 and he's 21)


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  • You need to grab yourself a copy of the US Constitution, and read the 13th Amendment. Slavery is unconstitutional. So, even if you're married, you can still revoke that contract (albiet, by court order) and live a free life.

    You didn't "commit" yourself to anything. Jeez. What an unnecessary drama.

    If you feel like being with the guy, then be with the guy. If you don't feel like being with the guy, then don't be with the guy. No need for all this "too soon" nonsense.

    Are you saying its too soon to give it a shot and see if it works out? What exactly are you waiting for? (waits for a "punt the question" type of answer) . . . (girly voice) "Well, I'm just waiting until I FEEL READY, and I DON'T FEEL READY YET, blah blah blah" . . . Okay, and "when" will you feel ready? In other words, "what" needs to happen in order for you to feel ready? Better yet, don't you think it's about time to GROW UP and stop HIDING BEHIND this "I'M NOT READY YET" bullsh*t excuse?

    Life is happening, all around you, and it doesn't have time to stop and wait until you feel ready. If you're alive, then you're ready. It happened, now deal with it and handle it. Give it a shot, see where it goes. Worst thing that can happen is that you realize that he's just not for you, you both gave it a shot, it didn't work out, you both move on with your lives sooner - THE END.

  • You need to sit him down and tell him how you feel. Now I am not going to sugar coat this, the guy may well react angrily and curse your name as he storms off in a huff with his ego dented, but that's nowhere near as bad as being with you for a long-period of time having developed strong feelings for you only for to drop this revelation on him.

    I'm laid back, so if I was in his position, I would accept your decision, be thankful you told me and I would be more than happy for us to take our time, but everyone is different, so hope for the best and brace yourself for the worst possible outcome.


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