My girlfriend still lives at home, and travels quite a bit?

I've been dating my current girlfriend for about a year now. Everything's going quite well between us, but I've recently have a concern. It's the issue of her living with her parents.
As of right now, she's living with her parents mainly due to her Asian culture, and her mom being a tiger mom per-say. However, she spends most of her money on traveling. Not that, that is a bad thing, but I feel off about her spending her savings on traveling. Instead of saving up to either move out, put it into savings, or use it towards financials to help her parents.
Of course, were still both considered young at 26, and I know you only live once, but my issues come down to her financial responsibility. If she lived on her own, and made 80k a year, and traveled quite a bit. Then it wouldn't bother me one bit, but it's the idea that she's not making anywhere near that, but going on these big excursions, and leaving not a dime to her name.
Part of me is saying that she needs to be a tad bit more responsible, save up, and not spend so much. The other part of me says that she should live freely for a little bit longer. Before having to shift to becoming financially responsible, and possibly moving out.
To give a back story for myself. I'm one to splurge on occasion, but I make almost triple what she makes, and live on my own. Saving money, and traveling a little bit here and there.
My main concern comes from the idea that we are looking to get engaged, and though I will be speaking to her about saving towards getting closer to being married. I'm wondering if it's urgent for me to speak to her sooner than later upon this matter.
Am I just thinking about this from a wrong perspective, and just let her have fun for a little while longer?


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  • Unless she is dipping into your pocket I wouldn't suggest counting her money. Everyone is different, and maybe her goals and aspirations in life include travelling.

    • Yea, I definitely agree to this. It's just more of a worry as to what may be to come. If we do end up getting married. Then I'm just worried that her spending habits will progress into that marriage as well.

    • Hopefully if that time comes she will have gotten it out of her system. But at the same time, maybe that's what she wants to do in life. Some people are willing to sacrifice stability or comforts in life so they can see the world. Nothing wrong with that, it's just different to what your priorities are.

    • I'll have to discuss this with her more-so than before. If her lifestyle is to travel, and not live in a guaranteed home. Then that's fine; as long as she doesn't expect me to cover her expenses at home.

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