Does he maybe, possibly like me?

There’s this guy in my class named Christian that I really, really like. I think he might like me too, but I’m not sure.
Reasons why I think he likes me:
He doesn’t talk to anyone in our class besides me and my guy friend Fabian.
He always sits by me.
He always stares at me.
He always teases me.
He shares his food with me.
He let me use his phone all day to listen to music because I forgot mine.
He did my homework for me when I didn’t feel like doing it.
When I said I was tired, He said he had a really comfortable bed at home and smiled at me.
He asked me if I like Fabian and told me that he doesn’t like him. Then I asked him if he likes me and he said of course.

He knows that I like him now thanks to Fabian. He came up to us while we were talking about it and asked what we were talking about. Then Fabian told him that I had a huge crush on him and that I talk about him all the time. My face turned bright red and I wanted to die. He didn’t say anything after that which made it really awkward, but when Fabian got up he gave me a hug and said we’d talk when we’re alone.


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  • It is i must say, a little weird how you described christian as ALWAYS staring at you. What was also interesting is that he performing at your everybwhim. You aren't using him, are you? Other then that, youve answered your own question


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