Am I just a summer fling thing or does he actually like me?

ok so I found out that my best friends cousin likes me. I got to know him really well when we were all at summer school together. now that summer school is over, we don't see each other at all unless we meet up at my best friends house. we both went on vacation so we didn't really talk at all. he doesn't text me, I usually text him first but when he does text me he says he misses me and he wants to kiss me. so what does this mean? o and we go to diff schools too...


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  • woah! weird! I amgoing through the same exact thing as you are! haha my cousin likes my bff. he difinitely sounds interested however is your best friend okay with the idea? it bugs me a bit that my cousin and bff are hanging out because I'm stuck in the middle...if something happens between them itll be very hard because its dealing with fam and my best friend. Give him a chance though...if things don't work out there's plenty of other guys out there =) good luck!

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