Why would he change his status?

Ok. So I've been kinda maybe a little bit been talking to an old high school classmate. He lives almost 3 hrs. Away and we've seen each other a couple of times now. it's been almost 4 months now and he mentions we change our fb status to "complicated relationship" I did. No big deal. It's only fb. only now he only seems to talk to me when he sees someone else showing interest. . WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? 😕


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  • he is fucking weird if he wanted to make it Facebook official, and worse yet, specified which one. and above all the "complicated".
    1. he is stringing you along for attention
    2. he is stringing you along for a safety net in case he can't find another girl
    3. he is just fucking weird and needs to grow a pair of balls


What Girls Said 1

  • Take it off complicated relationship. This means, you are there for him whenever he wants to chat to you, since he no longer has to put in effort because he 'has you'.

    If he asks why you changed it, say people thought I was sleeping with a married man or some shite.

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