He doesn't want a girlfriend but doesn't want to date anyone else.

I am 27 and have been dating this guy, who is 30, for two months. We really, really like each other and hit it off right away. He is looking for a wife (and I'm looking for a husband) and he has already talked about the future a little. He did tell me that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend right now because he can't give her the time she deserves. He told me today that he doesn't want to date someone who is dating someone else. So, we are only seeing each other. I only see him once a week. We slept together so I don't even want to date anyone else. Anyways, if he doesn't have time for a girlfriend, but doesn't want me to date anyone else, is he basically controlling me? Is he wanting me to just wait around for him? I am going to school (online), working and have a 19 month old daughter and he works a lot, but we still make time for each other. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!

I forgot to say... he calls me almost every day. I know he will want more than what we have now, just not anytime real soon.


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  • If he calls you and everything, I don't think he's just making you wait around for nothing. It sounds like he sees a future with him but for some reason doesn't want to rush anything. If you're alright with taking your time, go for it! Doesn't sound like a bad situation to me.


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want to date anyone at the moment and he's calling you because he just wants to keep being friends with you sounds like if you give it some time he will want to be with you.

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