Please be honest with me? I want to know why I'm still single?

This is what my body usually tends to look like; I'm not really proud of it -- 5"5.5, with the hefty weight of 160. :I Note that in these pictures, I had medium length hair (it fell out when I started chemo, and it's only just now growing back! My last chemo treatment is next week, if everything goes as planned!!).
Sorry for the mess in the second pic; I was unpacking some things from a trip, if I recall correctly.

Here's what I look like, now:

According to my teachers and peers around me, I'm very intelligent; I have two honours classes, and I was originally scheduled to be on foreign exchange, before I actually moved into the States from Lithuania due to some issues with my homelife.

I tend to be very close to my older brother, his boyfriend, and Kylee (my niece) because I'm currently living under the same roof as them.

I have had a total of around about six boyfriends in the past three years, but none of my relationships ever really lasted.

I am an amateur writer, and I also like drawing (I'm currently designing a web comic), acting, psychology, criminology, video games (i. e., things like Gears of War), playing piano, playing violin, playing guitar, and singing. All around, I'm a very quiet person in school, unless I'm in drama class.

I am a natural born leader, and before I was cancerous, my brother shipped me off to a survival camp every summer, for three years, so I have basic survival and medical skills, granted that a disaster ever happens.

None of my relationships, however, took place in school. They were all either online, or within my neighbourhood, or someone that my brother set me up with. Is there something wrong with me?


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  • there's absolutely nothing wrong with not meeting a man at school. But it is a little ridiculous to meet your first love online. I mean, there's a slim chance you would meet him in real life! But if you were worried about meeting the one at school, i understand, because its a good environment to socialize, and find common ground (interests). But this can also work when you meet someone outside of school; this time, go to the park or someplace you'd think you and the boy would love to hangout at. As for your bro, well... Unless if he was a clone of you, dont take his matchmaking dates unless he REALLY KNOWS what things you are interested in, or what is your favs. Peace out.


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  • Probably nothing is wrong with you.. 3 relationships under 18 isn't bad. Focus on getting better, first.


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  • You look very cute, and smart too? Very lucky girl. Probably just need the right man. A man who appreciates a women for achievements, and goals.