After the first date - please help?

Hi there. First of all: sorry for my (bad) English (Im german speaking)
I really need your advise:
about 4 months ago I added a guy on FB. I was drunk, found him on my "friends you may know" list, and yeah, thought he was cute. We started talking right away. After a few months we wanted to see eachothers in person, but somehow we never found time. We stopped talking, started talking again. we always had pretty good/mature talks.
Anyway, last week we finally met eachothers. I was unsure if Id like him, because I tend to be picky when it comes to guys. (well, who isnt, haha)
we had a GREAT evening, the best date I ever bad. we laughed and talked alot!! had a nice walk at the lake, drank beer, went to some pubs, sat at the river... in the end we went together to the railwaystation, we hugged and said we would meet again. I knew right away that I really, really liked him / started having a crush on him.
Right after we had some smalltalk via whatsapp, he sent me the selfies we took (haha, how cute, never done this before on a first date!)... but we didn't talk terribly much anymore since then. again; we laughed and talked soo much the whole evening. I have no idea why he doesn't text me more often... (maybe because he's on a vacation now for 2 weeks?). I dont text him a lot because I dont wanna annoy him and make myself boring. Im also shy when it comes to him.. we haven't talked about a second date yet.
He's a pretty busy guy... and he is very religious (Im not) - and he knows that. this could be a problem. for him atleast. Im fine with it.

Now my questions:
What should I do?
Should I text him more often? What should I say?
Should I ask him for a second date?
If there are any religious people out there: Could you be with someone who is non - religious?

thanks a lot for your help. xx

btw: Im 23 and had 2 serious relationships before. he's a bit younger than me but is not childish at all.


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  • Send him a text and ask him on another date.. then if he agrees ask him all of this being shy and holding on to "what if" is the worst thing you can do.


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