Does he not want to see me anymore?

I've been dating this guy for about 2 months. A few weeks ago he asked where it's going and I was really nervous so I said I thought it was going somewhere good and that I want it to go wherever he wants it to go. He seemed really happy with my response.
Anyway, we usually only hang out once a week cause we both work and go to school. He actually works 2 jobs. Some of his days are 13 hours long. So I completely understand that we can't possibly spend much time together.
Last weekend we went to a party and got a little drunk. We kissed, which we haven't done in the past, and we cuddled and he held my hand. The whole night went great. When I was alone with his friends for a few minutes they told me how he talks about me all the time and that he really likes me. And the days after that everything seemed fine.
Then about 4 days ago I didn't hear from him so I texted him and he talked to me for a little while, but that was it. Then I told him I wanted to see him and hang out and he just said that he was working all weekend. Then the day after that he texted me and apologized for being so busy lately and said he felt bad about it. I told him it was okay, that I understood.
He texted me yesterday and I responded, but I didn't hear from him all day after that. So this morning I just asked him straight up if there was something wrong. He said "I'm just really tired and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. We need to talk" and I said okay, that he could call whenever or we could meet up and talk.
Now, this makes sense because he has been telling me for weeks that he doesn't know if he wants to keep going to college or become a cop or join the army. I know he's stressed about that.

So should I be expecting him to say he doesn't want to see me anymore? Or what?


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  • Hmm I thinm firstly just stop over thinking everything which is hard but it will benefit you a whole lot! Ok so maybe the guy is actually stressed and is afraid that he will let it out all on you so he is keeping a distance? The less you ask him about whats up etc will maybe be a good thing for him just give the lad some space (ALOT OF SPACE). Ok so back to the main question about what he might say he might say that he thinks being friends could be better and tbh thats not always a bad idea although it might feel bad in the moment. But considering he's wanting to meet u and say it face to face shows he cares about you because if he wanted to dump you couldn't he just do it over a text? Which he hasn't so i doubt that. I don't know if this makes sense haha ><

    • Thanks, this is helpful :)

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