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A few months ago this guy and I decided to take our flirty friendship to the next level. Well one thing led to another and we wound up having sex. The time we had sex was also around the time he was beginning football practices and games. So our communication was pretty bad and we drifted apart from each other. Once school started I didn't really hear from him either, only to find out he began dating his ex girlfriend... which was completely out of the blue. I backed off obviously and lived my life, but now they broke up again because things are not at all what they wanted. I decided to text him to see how things are with him, and he reads my message but doesn't respond. What is going through his mind? What should I do in regards with our relationship? I'm hoping to get that friends with benefits relationship back with him. What should I do?

I don't know what to do?


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  • Go talk to him. He just had a broken relationship. He is not ready for another one so soon. Ofc you just want sex, but he doesn't know that. When he received your message, he might hav thought you were gonna ask for a full relationship. So, meet him and let him know of your intentions. Mostly he will be ok with it, as he is not getting any from his ex. The worst that can happen is he might say "I need some time"


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