Yep, I am not getting a girlfriend?

Details here: (starting from the bottom of page 2)

Almost four fucking years and I still haven't had more than a superficial conversation with a girl yet, let alone a date, no matter how much I have tried or read up on things. I have obsessively on and off searched the internet over the years about dating and relationships (and you can see that in my threads that I posted) and I have still not fucking figured out the first step - having actual fun conversations with girls and getting first dates.

I am frustrated after almost four years of this shit (not knowing how to talk to girls and get dates). Yeah, a lot of that time I was inactive, so it was on and off, but still, a little over 1.5 years of those I have obsessed over it it trying to figure it out and for once actually talk to my crush for more than 30 seconds. The rest 2.5 years, it was on and off - I would go a few months without thinking about it, then obsess over it for maybe a month, etc.

Like I said in one of my threads more descriptively, I see all these people complaining about "mixed signals" or whatever, but I am getting nothing, 0, nada, NO SIGNALS. Never an ounce of interest. No time of day. Never flirted with. That's where I make the analogy of, "I see all these people struggling on various parts of Mount Everest and I can't even make a single fucking step."

Sorry, I usually don't use this much profanity, but I am so frustrated with this shit and was debating with those folks on the forums earlier today in the second link I posted (towards the end) and they just won't give me an answer.

So yeah. Goodnight,
Guy who will never get a girlfriend.



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  • Okay, I've had a read of your forum posts and got a general picture of what you are going through.

    Firstly, take some comfort that you're not the only guy who doesn't get women. There are many people in your position one way or the other. Heck I've never been in a long term one and I'm 22!

    Okay, so now things that you could change:

    Location: are you in a particular superficial area where people just go on looks? Where I live a lot of emphasis is placed on intellectual merit.

    Show off your best qualities: if you're smart make it count, girls value intelligence.

    Make a girl laugh: ok so you have been dealt a bad genetic card. The only thing you can do is to make light of it, spin it into some humour when you next talk to a girl. This will give you a chance, but it very well may not win the battle at first but eventually it will.

    • Chin up brah. Chin up. "And thus the brave stallion fought boldly, tirelessly to attain what was repeatedly denied of him at every turn. Finally, knock kneed, keeled in agony, face violated with blood he looked up, at the light. Perfection he saw, perfection he was told he could not have. And it bathed him in an eternal light, vindicating his torment"

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  • Capisce. (or is Kapeesh your name?)

  • you're under 18 lol its not the end of the world kid.

    • After four fucking years of trying (well almost four), yeah it is man. Plus I am short (5'3.5) and I am Indian. I fucking suck at talking to girls. I am a left-brain guy anyway, so it was expected for me to suck at this stuff. I am only good at analyzing, doing math, articulating sentences, etc. I am not built to endure emotionally stressful activities like dating, etc or ones that require a lot of creativity.

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    • and why do you care? who cares what others have I found Jesus and I've been happy with life am content with being a virgin for life doesn't mean i will but im at peace

    • I agree with this.
      It'll happen, hun.

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