Why can't I be happy?

Why can't I be happy, why do I have to be the miserable one? I'm sick of reading stories about girls having a guy randomly asking them out and them saying yes, I'm sick of hearing about happy couples, or guys actually being accepted by people they care about, it's not fair, I've lived my entire life completely devoid of love and there's nothing good in me left!! I can't be happy anymore, I can't be positive, in fact, this is one of the few times I'm something other than totally apathetic, and that's because I'm angry. I hate love, and I hate people that have been loved, because, guess what, I've never been loved, ever!!! I'm sick of people dating their best friends as if life's some f*ckig movie, because it isn't! life is just pain, and misery, and despair!!! The funny thing is, I loved a friend, and, know what, she doesn't love me, she won't ever love me, and I am miserable every waking moment of my life. That love you worship, its nothing but a pathetic lie. There is no love, all love has ever brought me was misery, so why are you people so special, why do you get to be happy in live, while I have to be miserable alone? But, it doesn't matter, I have always been alone, I will die alone, and love, love is nothing but a distraction for the weak. There's just absolutely no purpose, is there, course not, I truly despise love, and, once I become fully apathetic from everything, I can finally free myself of this awful world.


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  • Stop putting yourself down. Get out of the house and enjoy life.


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