Junior date Freshman?

Is it ok for me a junior guy to date a freshman girl?


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  • depends on the girl. I had a friend who dated a freshman when we were seniors and it was pretty freaking weird. But as a junior you have a little moer leeway


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  • Absolutely!!! The age difference isn't all that substantial anyways. If feelings age mutual, both of you guys would be thrilled! Don't let something like social norms and status quo get in the way (as long as it's legal of course).
    Just remember that because you are older, to be the responsible one. Take care of her and don't make her do anything she'll regret. It's much easier to be pressured into doing something if a cool, older guy asks for it. Be a gentleman and in the long run, you'll be a happy and lucky guy!

    Good luck!

    • can you help me with another question about the same girl?

    • Yes, I'd be more than happy to help you with future questions.
      Just inbox me your inquiries any time. Though I'll have to apologize in advance if I don't respond right away! University life is busy!

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  • Its dicey but it can be done.

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