How do I know if a guy just wants sex or is really interested in me?

I met this guy online and we have been chatting regularly for almost 2 weeks. But we have not met in person yet. He mentioned that he was sexually attracted to me right off the bat! He's been trying to get me in bed before we even go on an official first a date. Trying all kinds of tactics like... let's "play cards", and then "let's shower together". Let's meet like that show "dating naked"... and so on. I know I should probably just dump him but I have to admit I'm fighting off the same sexual attraction toward him. But I don't want it to be just about sex. How do I go about this? I told him he needs to date me first! He just said he will wait it out! Is he just waiting for me to cave?


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  • He just wants to get in your pants. Guys who are serious about relationships don't joke about sex all the time or just talk about sex.

    That's not treating a lady like a lady. Sex should have mystery and you should date a person for a couple months in person before you have sex.


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  • Meet him first if he apeal for sex on d first day u denie him. then u wil know if he loves u 4 sexuall purpos

    • yeah, that's the idea I have too but actually I'm second guessing even meeting him at this point.

  • online? sex.

    • we met on a dating site. he wants to meet but I keep turning him down because it seems he just wants sex.

What Girls Said 2

  • He likes you and wants to have sex with you, but I wouldn't bet he has intentions of dating or being in a relationship with you at this time, if that's what you want to know.

    • yeah, that is what I want to know. Is it possible this could turn into more starting out like this? or I should just move on?

    • It's always possible, and people do have sex early on and get into relationships all the time, but just judging by the fact that he doesn't even want to go on a date or anything, and is constantly devising ways to get you into bed with him rather than actually getting to know you in person and perhaps letting it happen more organically... you guys just clearly want different things. I would move on.

  • Don't meet him. You will just waste your time. He is clearly only after sex.

    • I think you're right.