Weird pattern of crushes why does this keep happening?

I've had three crushes in my life all of which have last years. One specifically in elementary school (from 2-6 grade) where he told me he liked me in like the 4th grade and I ignored him lol.

One in highschool ( from grade 8-11) who also seemed to like me but we stopped talking and began to ignore each other.

And one in university (from when I was 18-21) I am 21 now and still think about him and SAME situation we just stopped talking.

I don't know why this happens to me and then I become fixated on them all... the only pattern I see is this stupid immature ignoring thing which results in us just making eye contact for that duration ( I am not kidding that guy in college we stopped talking to each other and he would constantly stare at me)

What is this? they're the only guys I have ever actually liked and it's some silly pattern.

I am 21 now.


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  • Sounds like the more you are dwelling on It the more anxiety you have about it. You should try to take steps to breakdown unhealthy social anxiety like that ( if that Is the problem) It start as nervs and before you know it you are overthinking everything until you can't make yourself do or say anything to them. Do yourself a favour and ask the guy out.


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