Should I date other people?

My guy and I are sort of on a weird patch. We went through a fight, broke up and are trying to make things work. However it doesn't feel quite right. It feels like we are just friends and he hasn't made any effort or plans to see me. So should I just date others? And more importantly should I be honest and tell him?


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  • First of all, if you do decide to date other men, YES, tell him! Be completely honest. You'd want the same from him, I'm sure.

    As for the relationship itself, that's a tougher one to answer.
    How long have you guys been together?
    And how long did the break up last before you guys got back together and decided to work on things?
    And since then, how long has it been that he hasn't been making efforts to see you, etc.

    • After I wrote that my guy and I had a serious talk. I laid down how I felt and he asked me for another chance. I said yes but he really is trying harder this time. There are still things I'm not a hundred percent sure about. But he is trying. He's been pretty romantic and has spoiled me. So hopefully we can work things out. We have only been seeing each other since August. So not that long. We broke up because he may end up working very far away for his job as a firefighter and he didn't want him or I to get hurt. We had no contact for less than a week, but we didn't date right when we started talking again. I guess I thought about dating other men because I wasn't getting what I wanted out of the relationship. But I'm glad I talked to him about it. Thank you for the help!

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    • Hey, thanks for MH!

    • No problem! You deserved it :)

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