What does the guy mean.. by saying that?

started dating a guy.. and he now says i am special to him and he is loyal. What means special to a guy.. what means being special and him being loyal to me..


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  • He is trying to hint at you two being exclusive.


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  • Sounds like a "line" to me... if you are loyal (monogamous) and you didn't ask him a question relating to it.. then why bring it up. I would be careful.

    • no we watching a program.. and i don't know what brought it. I said cheating is awful and he said. Yes it is. Then I said I have never been cheated and don't want to.. he said then I am loyal. I will never cheat on you. ..

    • Then it is just conversation =)

    • So that means by saying this t me it doesn't mean anything?

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  • How long have you been dating?

    • 2 month :)

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    • Well he says I am his love now and his priority is us.. I am Russian

    • If you are his now than I assume you can claim him to, right. So this means you're exclusive as he said he's loyal to you. But this you need to make sure. Best thing you could have done is asked him what exactly he meant by that. We can only guess ;)