Girl ignored my text. What should I do now?

She gave me all the positive signs and I texted her along the lines of:

"Hey, nice talking to you the other day. How's your day going?"

I expected a reply since it was just for simple chat. Do you think she didn't reply because she thought there was no point to the text (didn't see it going anywhere)? Or do you think she's just not interested?

Like do you think she may have sensed that if she replied to my text that it would be leading me on?

Do you think I should text her again this time with a funny/witty text, call her or should I just act as if nothing happened and not text her again?

By the way, the signs she gave me were:

+She said hi to me first on Saturday even when I wasn't looking at her and did it with a high-pitched voice. She usually never says hi to anyone. She also smiled at me.
+Sat opposite me instead of my friend


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  • Deffinetly don't text her or call her again, if she ignored you once and she did it on purpose you will come over as annoying or desperate, how long didn't she respond? She could just be busy for all you know.

    • Well it's been a day now. She does have a busy schedule though (she's a student doctor). But usually she replies to the text messages I send.

    • Try texting her again in a few days, maybe she just didn't notice the message, if she notices it she will message back i guarrantee it, of not try to message again in like 2 days or something. If she still doesn't respond, I think she is not interested.

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  • maybe she had another message and when she clicked on the other one it put ur message as read my phone sometimes does that


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  • I think this: "Like do you think she may have sensed that if she replied to my text that it would be leading me on?"
    She probably was just being nice to you because she was in a good mood.
    I wouldn't text her any time soon.