If a guy accepts my apology or points out something I shouldn't do?

If i guy i haven't made it official with accepts my apology for giving a guy my number or answering a guys phone call (after a night of drinking), does that mean we are exclusive?

This kid was drunk calling me after a night out and i went home to the guy i am seeing. I stupidly answered and told the kid that i was seeing someone. He kept calling. I answered twice. Last night i apologized to my guy and he said that i shouldn't have given him my number to begin with... Which he is right BUT does him saying that mean we are exclusive?


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  • Accepting an apology has no bearing on your relationship status. Though if you two are not 'official' he really doesn't have a beef with you talking to other guys. If he wants to see you exclusively, he should say so. Regardless, if I went up and punched this guy in the face, then said "Oh, man, I am so sorry, I thought you were the drunk kid" and he said "no worries, I accept your apology", it wouldn't mean that he and I were now exclusively dating. The act of forgiveness is not related to the relationship.

    However, the fact that he was saying you shouldn't be giving your number away DOES make it seem like he thinks it is exclusive. His forgiveness doesn't, but the fact that he doesn't want you contacting other guys sure does. If he doesn't want you talking to other guys, then tell him that it should be exclusive. It can't be exclusive for you and not for him.


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  • Not necessarily. But as you said, he is right.

    • He is still on tinder so i am confused... I didn't tell him i know he is on tinder.

    • Until you two agree you're exclusive, you're not exclusive.

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