How can I let this guys know I like him subtly?

I am finally ready to date again after a three and a half year relationship, but since I was 14 last time I ever flirted with anyone or approached a guy because I liked him I have no idea, I really want to be subtle doing it since I don't want a huge rejection so any tips on how to do that? There is one guy in particular, seems to be a little shy but he's seen me closing the shop I work at ever Thursday and he always watches me a little bit, he also goes to my school and has seen me there as well. No idea if he's interested just want to know how to let him know I am.

Oh wow I seem like a 12 year old... :/
anyway, I don't talk to the guy and only have a few times in very short conversations...
Honestly I don't even know his name...
And now I seem even weirder... xD


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  • Can you not?
    Can you just give us the thumbs up?

    • If I knew that he liked me too I'd have no problem but I don't do well in situations where I might get hurt or rejected or embarrassed sooooooo... :/

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    • I'm socially impaired. ):

    • but not mentally challenged.
      JUST DO IT

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  • Guys don't get hint. Subtly doesn't work for us. Just tell him.

    • Well I was hoping that other guys could tell me what sort of subtly works, so I guess none does? I've hardly ever talked to the guy (in fact we've only ever spoken twice to say hi and I opened the door for him so he could push carts into the mall) so I don't want to be like creepy or anything. :/

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    • No it's just I've had a bad reputation since I was 13, and going through some phases. I'm considered a slut and freak. I just don't want to terrify him or make him think I'm slutty for being too forward. ):

    • That's not a problem either. Most guys #1 don't care about your reputation, #2, if you are a slut or a freak, even better. Again sluts are names women label each other. Guys don't care.

  • Guys generally don't do well with subtlety. Be more upfront with him.

    • How can I be more upfront without coming off as pushy or stalkerish though? ;o

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    • Nope, no idea what his name is though I think it's Josh or Liam (courtesy of my mother xD who works with him but isn't sure which brother is which since they both worked there at one point) and I see him most when we are both working, he pushes carts at walmart and I work at a small store right beside walmart in the mall, so I see him going back and forth, I've only seen him a few times at school.

    • So stop him next time he's pushing carts and say something like "hey, you go to my school, don't you? My name is (yourname) what's yours?" And then ask him about school.

  • Is that a bulge in your pants or are you just happy to see me? Hmmm now that I think of it that isn't subtle at all lol

    • No not really and it might come off in the wrong way... ;) haha.

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  • Touch him, smile a lot, linger eye contact, pay more attention him than other guys if you are in a group, give him "that look"

    • We don't hang out in the same groups or talk... I've kind of been eye stalking him when he's working and when I see him around school...:P

    • Then all you need to do is eye contact and smile

    • This I can do... :P Maybe in a month I can actually get brave enough to talk to him... xD