Is she making up a "fake" crush? Thanks in advance!

Sorry this might be sorta long, however I would like to say beforehand; thanks to everyone for reading this and helping me out.

Basically I'm a freshman guy who last year dated a girl for about 2 months which didn't work out.
So we broke up because of stupid reasons and I texted her a little while back (2-3 weeks ago) and started talking to her and becoming more "friend-like" with her. Basically it got to the point where I like her, but from what it seems she doesn't like me back. She asked me if I went to homecoming and I said "No" and she then said she went with "Noah" who apparently goes to a different school district about 20 minutes away.

She talked about how she likes him soo much and how he's perfect and how he kissed her and how she would do almost 'anything' with him. However, she said he's taking another girl to his homecoming.
Long story short the guy has an Instagram but never uses it, and she always talks about him.

But there are scenarios where I'll say like well for example one that happened:

"One More Night"
-Maroon 5
Started playing on my phone so I said:

"One More Night"
-Maroon 5
^~ Amazing song

Which she then said

"Thinking About You by Frank Ocean is better."

And if you know the lyrics to Thinking About You it sorta seems like she's hinting at something at least from my perspective on the situation.

So I replied with, "Yeah, you're right. Thinking About You is better" (in a flirting way)

And she said "Of Course I Am"

thanks Everyone!

Oh and she keeps talking about how she doubt he likes her and I always tell her from what she told me that it seems like he does. And the last part of the above (the question) is about how it seemed like she was flirting with me.

At one point I apologized for something and she said "No it's okay sweetcheeks lol"

I was confused and put
"^-^ I'm confused"

And she asked what I was confused about
And said she wouldn't call me it anymore...

"Noah wanted me to come over last night while my parents went to the bar :3"

And I said "He get ungrounded? :p"

Nope he asked his mom and his mom told my mom and blah blah blah. My mom is such a cock block xD

Just another example
She mentioned that the boy next to her in school is "cute"


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  • This sounds like a weird situation that you should just let fizzle out and be like "well I don't feel comfortable talking to you if this guy likes you so much/if you like him" and see what happens.

    • Well I mean, I want to be friends if anything.
      But the fact– that I do like her– sort of sucks because I don't know what to do. I tried asking her about it and she said whether I think he's real and whatnot doesn't affected her anyways. Then asked if I was bipolar because I was nice and then all of a sudden 'Mean'.

      She said "hopefully he gets his phone back tomorrow, I want to be his wcw :3"

      I said "I hope so too"
      (because even if we're just friends I'd still be happy for her)

      And then she said

      "do you think he will?"

      And I simply said "probably not"
      And then told her I didn't think he was real and felt as if this was all a lie, which is when she told me it didn't affect her and then asked if I was "bipolar" because I was being fun to talk to and then randomly has a 'mean outburst' lmao.

    • my answer still stands.. she sounds dumb.. but yeah still same advice as before

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  • She's lying

    • Thought so. But the kid had an Instagram so I didn't know what to think.

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    • She got mad and said
      "You can think what you want, it doesn't affect me"

    • O ya she's most definitely lying

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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.

    • Haha xD well do u think she's just trying to make me jealous or what?

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    • When you're young and you date someone and break up, and then later on want to date them again (in a more mature state of mind) that should be completely okay. Seeing a guy walking down a street and wondering if he's going to work doesn't relate. I actually 'like' her, therefore in a way it does matter to me. I wouldn't be mad if she actually does -like- him. I'd actually be happy for her, but she's giving mixed signals and therefore I don't know what to think

    • All I can say is good luck. If you didn't deal with her, you wouldn't be worried about mixed signals. You could be focusing on someone else who ISN'T giving you mixed signals.

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