Question for the Ladies.. please be honest!

do you care about or notice shoulder width on men?
is he less attractive without wide shoulders or does it not matter?


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  • I personally do and tbh if it's too wide it's kind of unattractive and too small also I don't know how to explain it lol sorry

  • Yes we notice. Yes he's less attractive with a shorter shoulder width. No not every girl feels this way. Yes other characteristics can make up for a lack of shoulder width.

    It's like each characteristic is ranked 1-10 on a scale of attractiveness. Personality is on a scale of 1-50. Let's say there are 25 characteristics (eyes, jaw line, shoulder width, personality, etc. You want the final result to be 100 or more. So if the guy has a great personality he gets 50/50, has nice eyes and so he now has 60/100 and then has nice abs so now it's 70/100 and then has nice arm muscles and so now say it's 80/100 and his shoulder width isn't all that great so maybe now he's 74/100 but he's tall so now he's 84/100 and maybe he has the hair color you find most attractive so now he's 94/100 and he has the jaw line and now he's 104/100 and he has a bunch of other attractive qualities as well... and now he's drop dead gorgeous to you and his shoulder width doesn't even really matter because the whole package is attractive - not just the shoulders.


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