So confused, adding me on FB but no text for 4 days now?

I had two dates with this guy. The first date was really great and he was the first guy ever who didn’t go in for a goodnight kiss. He texted me when he got home he wanted to go out again though.

Second date he invited me to his place, made dinner and watched a movie with me. He was all awkward and shy until I grabbed his hand and then he got really cuddly. Both dates it seems like he’s scared to push things and waits for me to signal that it’s okay. He did give me a kiss when I left but he is about a foot taller than me and completely caught me off guard so it was a little awkward on my part. This was Tuesday, we talked throughout the rest of the week and when Friday rolled around I asked if he had plans for the weekend. His reply was, “I’m sorry I’m actually busy all weekend. = ( “. I knew he had a rough work week so I just said that I hoped he had fun plans since the week was so long, and that I would like to see him again so if he was interested to let me know when he was free next. It’s been radio silence ever since then.

On Thursday he gave me his last name so I could add him to Facebook but he didn't approve the friend request until late Saturday afternoon. So I guess I am confused since he had been silent since early Friday morning when he added me on there. If he wasn’t interested then why add me? But if he’s interested why not text (he used to text at least once everyday). Debating if I should try and text him again or not since he never replied to the one from Friday? Even if I do I am not sure what I would say?


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