Contacting a girl I met at physical therapy on Facebook. Would it be extremely weird? She works there... Read Further?

I have been going to physical therapy for my knee for 3 months and feel like I've connected well with her. Our conversations are long and never about the therapy.. I have a few more visits to go and even tho someone suggested I talk to her on the last day I really don't see an opportunity for that and feel like it could be very awkward. I was thinking messaging her on fbook just about something random we have talked about in our conversations but I am thinking that could come off as creepy. I feel like based on our conversations that if I was at any other place than there I could talk to her without a problem but since it is her job I don't want to put her in a position especially if I am wrong about our connection... So would it be strange to message her on facebook? we are not friends on there... Thanks for any suggestions/comments


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  • So first off Facebook has an “other” folder for people that aren’t on your friends list. Those messages go into a separate spot and a lot of people assume they are spam and don’t check them. Second it could possibly come off as a little creepy that you looked her up on Facebook without mentioning it first.

    I am not sure what your connection is on/conversations are about but you could totally keep it casual and bring it up to her. Like if it’s a band your talking about or music, just say, “Oh if you’re into them I have a couple of songs/bands that you might be interested in as well. Do you have a Facebook, cause I could send them to you on there?”

    Then it’s casual/friendly. You won’t creep her out by messaging her and you could probably also add her as a friend at that point.


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  • You've got all these sessions left, to ask her out... FACE TO FACE.
    Do not ask the girl out on facebook, it's creepy, especially considering you had so many opportunities to find your balls.

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