My friend wants to dump his girlfriend is this a good time for me to go for her?

She doesn't know that he want to do this. I know when my friend dump her then she became needy and will need someone to be there for her.
So good time to go for her or wait until she get some help and stand by herself again?


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  • nope. even if he dumps her he's most likely not going to like the idea of you scooping her up. basically, ask for his blessing before you do, then its all good. he's most likely going to lie to you though and say he doesn't care.

    • My friend wanted her just for sex and didn't care about her so as I want her, and I think it would be a good opportunity for me.

    • he only wanted her for sex but some part of him is still going to disagree with his friend scooping her up after he dumps her and then the simple fact remains that he will be hanging out with you and her together or hanging out with you less because you're hanging out with her. there is a right way to do this its just complicated lol.

    • ooh noice:D TyvM!:)

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  • no if you do it right after he breaks up with her then you'd just be the rebound and there'd be no real feelings unless you just want to use her, which if you do then I hope she slaps you, then go for it. but if you really care about her you'll wait till she's over your friend and won't give two shits about what he thinks

  • you suck as a friend


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