Is this a one night stand or is he interested in me?

Ok I will try to explain my situation without making me seem like a slut. I got out of a 5 year relationship with my ex about a month ago. (I am 24 and we met as college freshmen). Anyway I am not upset over the breakup (I initiated it) because we both knew it wasn't working. Anyway last week I met this other guy whom I chatted with online and we met for the first time on Saturday and went out for a drink. I told him about my whole relationship history and of course I wasn't trying to have a serious relationship with the new guy so I got wasted. We came back to my place and slept but in the morning we had sex:/ It was amazing and we cuddled and he left and I didn't think much of it but he's obviously the second guy I have had sex with in my life after my bf and I really want more.

So after that we texted this:
He:did you have fun
Me:yes did you
He:yes I did
Me:should do it again
He:Yes we shouldl!!!
(day later)
Me:I am going to be frank, was that a one time thing? I'm fine either way but I like knowing. It was def a stress buster haha
He:I mean I'm down to chill again lol
Me:Sure I am not getting wasted again tho was embarrassing
He: Lol it's fine. Lemme know if you wanna hang again
Me:Yeah I don't know what I am doing this weekend but I will:)

No reply since then last night but then he snap-chatted me a pic of his dog:/ Anyhow, I would wanna know if he's really interested in getting back or is he being polite? Because if he's being just polite I have no interest in inviting him over again just for rebound sex but I will if he is really interested.


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  • Are you from hk? His behavior sounds like someone I used to know.

    in my opinion once you've said you're only looking for fun that's all he will see you as. Fun. I've gone down this road and that's how it turned out. My advice is be wary. If you are really sure you will not fall for this guy and just want sex then go for it. But as females, we have the tendency to bond with a guy while having sex. It's diff with us than it is with them. We are genetically programmed to latch onto the men we sleep with. so careful. I ended up falling for a guy I started a casual sex thing with after getting out of a long and serious relationship. He sounds like he deff wants to chill again but don't expect it to be out of affection. =/ take care.

    • what is hk?

    • Hong Kong. Guessing you're not then. XD

    • lol no I am from Philadelphia and he's in Jersey

  • Just hang out gain and if he keep initiating sex then he's no good. But i say just continue to hang out. Seems like he had fun last time if he's down to hang out again. :)