Is he taking his time or did he completely reject me?

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On Saturday I sent him a text asking him how he is and wished him a nice weekend. He didn´t reply. On Monday he saw me and ignored me on purpose.

I know that he will go to his hometown next weekend and noticed on his Facebook wall that some girl from this city is commenting his statuses and pics frequently (she is doing this for years), so my intuition tells me that he probably will meet her there..

Do you think he may come to me and give me the last chance? I heard from friends that he was talking about me for weeks before we started dating, but I´m so worried that the fact that my traumas scared him off.

  • He completely lost interest.
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  • He is still considering if you are worth of the effort. It´s 50/50
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  • Since there was an attraction at the beginning, he will come back to you
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and he still finds me pretty, but i feel i´m scaring him away with my panic attacks
What can i do to get him back? I sent the text to him during the weekend - no response. I was thinking that if I mention to our common friend that I like him a lot and wish to get a chance to prove him that I´m also a fun girl and I can trust him.


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  • Well just don't do the same to the next guy you date. It sounds like he lost interest, completely ignoring you is a dick move though in my opinion. It's great that you guard yourself against guys who give you the vibe that they're just interested for sex, but I'd say just approach it more subtly to avoid the whole arguing part. For example, when he wanted to go cook with you, just suggest a different plan if you aren't into the idea yet. It will also allow you to communicate a certain level of attraction.

    • Today he stopped at my desk (he broughtsomething to his friend who is my coworker). He kissed me on a cheek and we talked for a while and he wished me a nice wekend. He is leaving for a weekend to other city, so he won´t be here. Is it a good sign?

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