I have always dreamed of becoming a superstar... but I am pregnant! And my boyfriend does not know. I am scared, I do not know what to do? :(?

My dream was to always become a superstar... it is my passion. It is what I live for, this is my dream. At first my boyfriend was not so supportive about me wanting to become that because he thought I'd become uninterested of him if I reached fame, but time passed and he seems to support me. I am now doing everything I can to reach that. I love babies just as much as he does and I know that a baby now would bring him full joy and happiness even if it was very unexpected. I once asked him what he would do if I turned out pregnant? He said he would be there for me and be really happy. He also once told me he really wanted a baby but I told him it was not quite the right time yet. But I am scared, because I really want to become that, and I feel like a baby could be the end of my career. I feel like having a baby now would make him tell me that I can no longer chase that and I am so in love with him, that I do not want to lose him but I also love myself and that is who I am and I do not think a baby should be an obstacle to reach your dreams but I feel like he would have a whole different perspective. I do not want to become a housewife like many women and live up to what a guy says. So I just do not know what his reaction would be and what could happen next. Should I tell him? Or should I just walk away without saying anything and not have the baby or have the baby but never tell him? I also feel like I would disappoint all my family especially my parents because they always saw me like the girl that would never cause them a disappointment like that... I'm so scared I just do not know what is best.


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  • The good thing about you is you are an equal oppertunity person you give all choices a chance. If your dream and love was to be a super star you should have researched to see how they did it or reached their goals.

    You would have found the first and biggest mistake you made was having a boyfriend. Falling in love is very expensive and possibly your choice to give into an illusion of love has cost you a very good chance to reach your dreams.

    The so called boyfriend in real life is a gift from the devil. If you look around at all female new artist all have stayed single to hit numbers. Boyfriends are for poor people. There will always be a guy for you to fall in love with after you make your success.

    If you do not believe in the Devil take a good look at what he has done to you now and at this moment. You possibly were going to be very successful and Lucifer made sure your love of children kept you busy being poor with a man you love now but will grow to hate in the next year.

    Now about your child, when Lucifer closes off one opportunity your creator will open differnt doors and will always spin the situation when you have faith and the spin will be for the better.


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  • Do you think he'll be accepting of the baby or will he run?

    • I think he would accept it.

    • Tell him. If he runs, then he wasn't worth being with in the first place.