A guy liked me and still does but since I am not home he also started liking my friend. How do I get him to get over her and come back to solo me?

So we are all in the same friend group but everyone knew he liked me during the summer. But nothing happened between us cause i left for college, a college where he will be next year. But since we aren't together he started liking another girl in the friend group who knew i really really like him and although she is being a bad friend, they kissed. And it's now getting messed up. But he likes me still cause we started talking about it. But he only wants to be friends cause of the college thing and he didn't think it through that he'll be here next year. And even the other girl knows he still likes me and that she is pretty much a destruction from me. So i really want to know how do i make him, without him knowing, like only me again?


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  • Do the things she can't do with him like hang out with him a lot text and call him not a lot but sometimes but as long as you hang out with him a lot like some of his status or pictures flirt with him stop being friends with the girl who kissed him because if she's a bad friend and she did that she will do it again you can't trust people don't allow yourself to get hurt again by people who hurt you because it will just be a same thing over and over again until they show you that they can change as a person be yourself and dress in thing that make you beautiful and feel confident but let go of bad friends after experiencing it some girls will act like they like you and try to ruin anything in a persons life out of jealousy stay strong stick up for yourself and don't let anyone bring you down or make you cry you gotta believe in the person u are because ur a good person and ur happiness should come first just like anything else

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