What stops guys from talking to girls?

Hey this is my English 101 college essay topic. If you could help me out by giving me your imput that would be great! I'm trying to analyse the issue or phenomena at hand.


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  • I think the reasons are subjective, because no one thinks the same, it could be because of shyness, introversion, boredom, wanting to look cool, not caring about the others, thinking more to themselves, distraction, fear because of social taboos, etc, etc

    This topic can also be in reverse: what stops girls from talking to guys.

    I think that everything starts with how we are raised from the beginning: boys and girls are different, so, one should belong and be with his/her "correct" group, leading to the belief that in the group you are, you need to think alike, and if you change of group, you will be considered different. The same has been applied with people of different age, race, religion, status, etc, etc.

    Also there is also a belief which has been encouraged by the media, the family and friends: there cannot be a true friendship with someone of the opposite gender, so if you are seen frequently with someone of the opposite gender alone without friends of both sides, and is not a family member, almost everyone, friends and family included, will suppose that you are dating and that you are in a romantic relationship (leading to becoming meddlers, teasers, shippers and/or friendship wreckers). Some can fall in that belief making them denying their friendships with the opposite sex, others decide on not caring what others think and going on.


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  • I actually did this for my pysch class, it's also a social problem, you can talk about how technology has changed the way people interact with each other, technology had made people very socially awkward.

    Another point is the trama and fear once had with talking to a girl example she rejected you. Another can be choice to do the easier thing again over time and time. Next can be confidence which is important.

    Yet, personally what was hard for me was being smooth equals experience.

    • Thank you! Ill probably use the points you mentioned throughout my paper. Very helpful for a good start thanks.

  • Mostly just shyness, I feel shy when having to talk to a stranger in general, imagine what that would be like when trying to talk to a cute girl who would also be able to reject you for whatever reason.

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  • if they are too popular. if theyre a bitch, a slut, just plain annoying and every guy loves her

  • It is just a type of mentality... i dont do that becz i dont want to be pin pointed out!