Is he really over me?

So went no contact but I couldn't without proper closure. We spoke twice during it, due to me ( i admit). He is younger to me (4 years younger) and I was moving to another country. Just before I left, he kissed me.. it was build up. At that point we knew we had to make a decision, we decided to be done and not pursue it. When we talked last it was because he was going through some major university stuff and we wanted to share that. He said he missed me and asked if I forget him. I decided to be cryptic, as to not give away too much. We just spoke and he said "well I've moved on, hope you can too so we can be friends". I blatantly said sorry, once I move on there is no going back. He said ok and quite easily said goodbye (after a year of close friendship). So I also decided to act as cool and said yes have a good life, goodbye. And that was it. Is it so easy for guys to move on? I deleted him etc but was surpised he could so easily move on ( or is it a facade)?


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  • Unless you want him back, then whether it's a facade or not shouldn't matter, and I mean that in the nicest way. I don't think its necessarily "easy", but he's coping in the way that he can. Regardless, close that door, and move on :)


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