How do you make a guy want to be your boyfriend and more?

If you're friends with a guy or talking to a guy and you both said you like each other and have even been intimate, how do you make him take it to the next step? Do you just have to wait until he's ready? Does forming a relationship just take time? Also Is there a certain type of girl that guys want as a girlfriend and are there certain traits and behaviors that guys look for in a girl? Maybe I'm too anxious about being with him. Maybe I should take my time. But how long is too long to wait?


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  • What continent do you live on?

    • I live on the North American continent, thanks =). What continent do you live on?

    • Same, but advice on this sort of thing doesn't translate globally.

      You don't 'make him' take it to the next step. The question is is he holding back waiting for you to say something, or is he just assuming you're sort of dating, or is he just assuming it's never going to happen?

      You know you like each other, you've been intimate, go ahead and ask him if you're headed to being a couple, or are a couple, or what. Do not mention marriage at this stage, however.

    • Thank you for your input. I think I will ask him directly where things are going. I don't like to assume things.

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  • Open and honest talk during lunch. Sometimes you have bring out your thoughts and egg him on to reveal his thoughts. Guys like women with confidence. Women who are easy to talk to. Not too many hints and all but being honest and upfront.


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  • Tbh if you have already been intimate and he had feelings he would have done something about it. Most men want you to be there gf before getting intimate. Men know what they want out of life before meeting a woman its how they are programmed if you fit into his plans then your for him if you dont he will not commit to you!!

    • I guess I'm not what he wants? =(

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    • Well if he isn't then you will find someone else trust me, you could go out to dinner with a different man everynight for the rest of your life and you still wouldn't have dated them All thats how many there is to choose from lol gd luck

    • That's true. I guess I really wanted to date him because I like him a lot. So I guess it feels more disappointing if I don't. But thank you, I appreciate it.