Crush Problem HELP!!!?

So there's this guy in my literature class whom I'm crushing on. So I sent him a message on Facebook saying i thought he was attractive and whether or not he was interested in having coffee sometime. I can see that he read the message about 3 hours ago but he did not reply. What could this possibly mean?
P. S. I dont know if it's a factor that I am black and he is white. We go to a big university and he's flirted with me while we did group projects

refresh please


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  • I would just give it time he's probably shy and trying to process any girl being interested in him i don't think race has anything to do with it i see a lot of interracial relationships and things work out great just kep being yourself and talking to him like nothing happen he's most likely is shy on how to approach you or reply back to your message but also he could have a girlfriend so be careful most guys will flirt even if they have a girlfriend