Considered handsome but can't get a date?

I hope I can get an opinion from the ladies. Girls tell me I am funny and handsome. I'm blond, 6.1 and I would say athletic body type. I am happy with myself when I look in the mirror but I could never compete with Brad Pitt. I have a good 9 to 5 job. Good friends. So all things seems to be fine in my life.

When I talk to girls everything is great. I can easily talk to people in general. And sometimes you meet a special girl. It looks like there is chemistry there. Even my female friends & family members tell me so. And sometimes even her friends tell me so. But if I ask them out they say yes but they just don't show up without calling. Or when I meet a girl and make a Facebook friend request with her with her consent doing it using my phone while she is there they will not accept my friend connection. Whatever it is time after time there is always something to stand in my way.

I'm really depressed. I never can go out on a date. I do hear from some girls that they think I am a player but I am actually a serious guy. This has been going on for years now and it is getting too much to take. I do not dare to hope anymore because my hopes will get crushed. And that makes me more depressed. I'm in my late twenties and my last date has been years ago. I feel like I am cursed. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you each and every one for your input. I will definetely keep them all in mind,

I have now officially dated. I don't thhink the lady and I will have a romantic future together but I thhink there will be a friendship.

The most important thing is that I feel that cycle of bad luck has been broken. So I am happy.
I thank you all


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  • Aww you seem like a nice guy. Maybe you have been chasing after girls who are snobby or maybe you try to get with them before getting to know them. For ex this guy started liking me 1 day and I was like no way he isn't my type (I'm known to date handsome, tall Athletic) total opposite but he was really trying he wld bring me flowers be super nice and my friends would say just give him a chance he's really trying and so I did.. now I'm head over heels for him. So never give up that guy took the time to win my heart rather than jump into the relationship. I'm in my late twenties too and didn't date at 1 point for a yr as well so dnt give up. Think of what you've done in the past to approach girls and see what you can do diffrently right it down if it helps

    • It's good to see you have found someone.
      I am sure I've been doing something wrong. Maybe I had too man bad examples. Two of my friends are players and somehow the girls think they are not players and think that I am. I see them get phone numbers within a minute. And it usually ends up in dating without flaking.

      I do talk to the girls a long time so maybe I come off too serious. I'll try a different approach. Thank you for your input.

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  • You're shallow and going after girls who are also shallow and flakey. The kind of girl you're looking for does not look like megan fox but more like anna kendrick.

    • Your words are a bit harsh. But I do appreciate the answer because it is never a bad thing to look at it from every angle. I did ask myself if I was a shallow person or not. And I also asked others. But I don't think so and others don't think so. I care about my family, friends and what goes on in the world. Next to my job I do voluntary work. I like art, history and science.
      When it comes to girls I don't care if they look like Megan fox, Anna Kendrick or some supermodel. I look with my heart not with my eyes. I'm looking for connection. A person with intelligence and an opinion. The girls I tried to date were like that so I don't think they were shallow either. So I just don't get what went wrong.

    • You may not be a shallow person but its human to need to feel an attraction to women and you have been conditioned from birth like all other guys to find certain types of girls attractive. That said, you do not know someone when you meet them right away. Maybe you got overly excited and the girl took it the wrong way. Maybe she was just bored and needed a validation for her looks. The more people you meet the more of a chance you have in meeting the right one for you. There's bad people everywhere, but you gotta sift out the good ones. I for example am a nice girl but i come across rude and cold in person cause im shy, and most guys dismiss me and go for someone more open and bubbly... and then find out she's a b word. (trust me, its happened many times to the guys who chose some other girl over me and then returned to me when it didn't "work out" for those reasons). I think you need to be patient a date will come when its supposed to, best relationships start as friends!

  • Are you approachable and personable? a lot of good looking guys are normally too quiet or just come off as players.

  • Well, I heard the word beautiful, hot and sexy a lot. yet I'm single and my ex cheated on me with very ugly girls. Maybe my personality isn't nice or something. Maybe because I'm too picky..!
    Now about you, ask some of your friends to ask their girlfriends for a date with you so you can go on a double date and let him give u some credit on your behavior and things like that. and always remember you can't force the destiny to give you something you want, just be positive and it will happen.

    • Sorry to hear about you ex. It is never easy to go through that.

      About double dating. It still gets called off before it happens. In April my colleague introduced me to her sister and my colleague said that sparks were flying. The 3 of us were supposed to get a drink but as usual the date got called off for some reason. I know my colleague well and I can tell she doesn't agree with er sister. Also her sister doesn't want me to call her but my colleague says that to this day she still is talking about me. So I say I am cursed.

      The approach you have mentioned is different than what I have been doing so I am going to try that. It gives me some hope. So I thank you for your input.

  • It sounds like the girls your going after are really rude! Without having a picture if have to say that you really need to tough it out. I know that sounds horrible like trust me never had a date in my life but you just have to chin up. Do you live in a small town or? That could be your problem. But also you can't help that physical attraction is a weird thing.

    • Yes it does sound rude.
      I live in the north of London and work in Central London. Plenty of people. I meet lots of people. But I seem to running into the wrong people or just have incredible bad luck or perhaps both.

      Thank you for your time.

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