What's the best way to break things off with this girl who is too busy for me?

Thisn girl has flirted with me for a year and I shared my feelings. We were both to shy to contact each other and now we live tokegther in the firms and she blew my phone really and wants to meet up. Issue she's busy with her management position at her job and working 60 hours on 40 and is a premed major. I hardly see her and she keeps telling me she will find time but I'm done and I need to get the point across with out sounding too mean. She a nice girl and I like her bit I'm not waiting for her.



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  • How long has she had that behaviour?, if 6 months haven't passed since she started to act like this, then be patient, if 6 months or more have passed, then read what it is below (6 months can pass very fast).

    This is what you need to do: be honest with her, tell her what you think and feel about her (that she is a great and very kind girl, that you like her), that you really appreciate and respect that she is a woman with professional goals and aspirations, but it seems that it is difficult to her to manage her time between your relationship and her work and you cannot wait her forever, that you need to continue with your life even if that means without her.

    Tell her with no hard feelings that you release her ("I release you"), with the intention of not ruining her job, her aspirations and her life, a prove that you love her. Stay in your decision no matter things they get, don't give her any more chances.

    BTW, do you also have personal aspirations?

    • Well the flirting happened our whole freshmen year and then I gave her my number and said I liked her. She blushed and said she liked walking with me she never texted me. She dated some guy from home I've rthe summer and its over. This semester she bkew up my phone last month she is so busy I understand it bit she texts me back and I hate texting her cause she so busy.

    • I do have aspirations and I'm busy too she is the one who wants to hang out. Any free time I have she the first person I ask then I go from there cause I have a lot of friends on campus but she's my first choice.

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  • Honestly, just tell her what you just wrote. If she doesn't have time for a relationship then she doesn't have time and that's something she needs to work out. just don't sound mad or angry at her and be nice about it. Also try to do it in person, not over text.

    • Literally she is out of class at 830 and I may text her and invite her to to my room and just say get it over with.

  • Just be honest and tell her what u just wrote

    • Over text or call her cause its annoying to receive a text at 11 pm saying she's out of work she can talk.

    • Plus she's in my dorm like I said so its shallow to say your too responsible for me.

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  • It does sounds like she's a keeper. Totally not white and slutty or always dtf 24/7 LOL

    • She doesn't text first but text me back and is really trying to get to know me with the questions she's asking me. She always is busy and is legit busy so I can't even say she's blowing me off.

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