URGENT! me and my crush is long distance.. how can I tell him I really like him over text message?

I think about him all the time and when we are together i try and hide it which is beyond stupid of me i know. We end up kissing in etc when we are alone. but in front of my friends his friends i always act distant like he is my homie but i really like this guy like OMG..

I don't know why i'm so shy and difficult in front of others


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  • Just tell him you miss him a lot and can't wait to see him again. And dont act different around your friends or his, show him you really like him :D. If you all have kissed u both definitely like each other

    • OMG..
      so i sent him a heart earlier, and then I sent. "can i ask you something?" and he replied with " yea babe sure"

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    • thank u
      but omg I don't know what it is i just acts so dumb like now.. i haven't replied and he his waiting on me to reply... omg what should i say?@?@@?

    • Sorry i couldnt respond either just respond really happy like, lol

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  • Say, I really like you.

    • eee?

    • Yeah. Ask him you know what? then say I really like you, then you can say why I like your personality or whatever.

  • Tell him you can't stop thinking about kissing him


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