Why does he want to see my baby pics?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past 4 weeks or so now. Anyway, yesterday we were cuddling in his bed (just cuddling.. we haven't done it yet) and out of the blue he asked me "Do you have any baby pictures of yourself?"

He has also previously asked me if I like kids and said that the city that we live in is a "good place to raise kids". He also asked me once whether women from my country are more career or family oriented. He told me once that he would prefer for his future wife to be taking care of the kids and not working.

He has previously likened my features to that of a baby and more or less loves kids.

So.. why does he want to see my baby pictures and why does he bring kids up so often?


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  • He may be checking to make sure you aren't a terminator robot.


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