How do you tell if someone's feeling are real or not?

This boy I think I like said he likes me however he was just recently in an intimate relationship with another girl who cheated on him. I think I really like him, and would like to start dating but I'm afraid the only reason he wants to date me is to make his ex jealous, or as a rebound and I don't know what I should do. Plus his ex girlfriends the same age as him but I'm 4 1/2 years younger my mothers fine with it because I'm almost 17 so long as I don't do anything stupid but I don't want to date him if he doesn't really like me and I'm scared his feelings are fake what should I do?


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  • It depends on how long he has been in a relationship for... cuz if it was for a few years and they slept together n she cheated - this means that he is using you as a rebound ! DO NOT go with him right away. Stay in contact with him.. you know here n there but dont date him for at least few months because depending on the intensity of the relationship, it would take longer for him to let go, so there is a higher chance that he can't just start liking you all of a sudden after he got cheated on ! You also have to observe if he does anything special for you or not cuz if he is just taking it all casual n stuff and just being like" i like you", then neh, not worth it. And just a warning, once a guy gets cheated on , his insecurity wall starts building. He'll always keep an eye on you since the trust factor was crushed by his ex and he would get jealous if other guys talked to you, even if they are just your friends. If you are nice to other guys , he will be like "oh shit, she is about to cheat too. Lets just dump her before she leaves me" . That s how they are. NEVER EVER go out with a guy who has been cheated on before. JUST DONT but if you still wanna give this a shot, wait for it n watch his behaviour. If he is giving you troubles like : oh dont talk to him, dont do this or that" - LEAVE !!

    • he was dating her for around six months and separated about two months ago. he does special thing for me to but they're things he did for her as well. they've been separated for about three months but he still has some of her things and gets grouchy if someone touches them

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    • lol i dont know how to say it but if you're super hot, he is gonna use you as a rebound to show his ex that he can get do so much better ! and you said "he still has some of her things and gets grouchy if someone touches them" - what does that tell you sweetheart? HE IS NOT OVER HER and he is using you to get over her. DONT GO FOR HIM, just listen to me and dont do it. Wait, just wait. If you're into serious relationships, control your emotions and give it time. I mean look at it this way, he is not doing anything different than what he did for her!! That means that thats how he plans on getting every girl. Treats you the same too. He doesn't think you're WORTH going out of his way for and you're not worth doing anything special for. I know that you're awesome but whatever I am saying, think about it logically. and she probably cheated on him for a legit reason; no one would just do it out of the blue. there's probably something about him thats odd. maybe too vulnerable or something

    • or something or maybe he was being too pushy or maybe he stopped her from doing the things she liked,,,, there has to be a reason for her to cheat. Girls wouldn't just loose their "good girl rep" like that,,,, unless she cheats on everyone.

      and this guy is attached to her. Do you know if he calls her , you know. Maybe to kinda like get together again? He got cheated on, so now he's thinking about his ex like this "Screw you, I can find someone too ! Not gonna be lonely and cry about how you cheated and left" - Thats it !! Guy's ego! Thats how they think.
      Wait for at least 6 months. you're just too young to think what a guy over 21 years would think. Give it time and you'll see his real colours pretty soon and one you do, you're gonna thank me ;)
      Take care love, and not let him rule your heart.

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  • only through his action then i believe
    words to me is nothing unless it is carried out, i learnt this.

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