Should I be meeting his parents already?

I have known this guy for about a month. We text all the time and hang out a few times a week. His parents are in town this week. Is it weird that he hasn't asked me to meet them? He hasn't seen them in a while. I am not gonna get bent out of shape if I dont meet them, I am just curious.
Also, should I not text him this week since he is with his parents? I dont wanna bother him, but I also want him to know I am thinking about him.


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  • No, it's not weird at all. I would never take a girl home to my family unless I loved her, that simply does not happen in a month. Just act normally. Would you text him if his parents weren't in town? If yes, then do it. If he can't talk he'll tell you.

    • thanks. this is my first relationship (i am almost 20), so I am new to the game lol. I dont wanna seem clingy. I know the past few days he hasn't seemed like himself - not talking as much, but I know he was getting ready for them to be in town.

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