What is dating or going on a date mean to you ladies?

There are different opinions. Some think it means you're seeing someone regular but not committed. Others say it means just going out with different people. Some guys think its a precept to having sex at least once on the first date. While some ladies think it means going out as much as they need with someone before deciding to have sex with them. In other words "to date" doesn't have a simple meaning anymore.

See ladies, I think that "dating" for guys is still all about scoring on the 1-3rd date. And with so many available women from ages 23-53 I cannot tell whether some of them realize that the dude asked for the number so persuade her to go to bed with him.


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  • Dating is the first level of a relationship you can decide from dating each other to know weather that is as far as you one go with each other, or if that is working out then you move two the next level. But these days most people tend to jump straight in at the second level.

    • I think you're right about that Hippy. Say I was just blastin' some Jimi Hendrix Live at Sir Albert Hall from 69' on Youtube. If you haven't seen them you may want to check them out. Real good coverage and great sound. Thanks for checking in.

    • Oh good god no :)

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  • A date to me would mean for me and my boyfriend to spend time some place maybe eating and talking and spending time with each other. No distractions. No texting. Just complete attention toward each other.

    • Alright, so dating is a activity with a committed partner. Cool. That is an ol' school way of thinking, and one that I think is the most practical.. In other words if you are meeting a new acquaintance for fun 'it's going out', but not dating.

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