Does meeting a guy's father means exclusive?

I've been dating this guy for 2 months now. It has been amazing and although we've only been on 3 dates, each time I feel like we're getting closer and closer. I can see him becoming more comfortable around me too and acts more like himself rather in a manner to impress me (which he still does through little things like opening the car door and such). We show affection toward each other to a limit. Everything has been great until he introduces me to his dad as he was dropping the grocery at his parents' before driving me home. And me and his dad even had a talk for about 5 minutes without the guy being present and his dad told me how when his son mentioned me he thought I have to be special since he's peculiar about women. It's not that I regret meeting his dad or anything but I'm just wondering what level we're on now that has happened. I know you'll think best way to find out is to ask him but I don't want to seem pushy. It has only been 2 months afterall. But from that, do you guys think it means exclusivity without having to bring it up? I mean.. at least that tells me I'm the only girl he could possibly be dating or that he wants a long term thing with me. Any opinions are appreciated :)

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  • You guys aren't exclusive until you have the conversation saying you're exclusive. Some guys just bring their dates by home and meet the family. Me? I kept them far from my house because I didn't want my mom getting attached before I even knew if I liked her yet.
    Avoids a lot of possible problems and confusion

    • I'm the exact same. We once casually talked about the whole introduction to families and such and he said that to not take it in a wrong way but he doesn't do that right away and not until things were very serious. But his action definitely said otherwise which is why I'm really confused!

    • Ask him if that means anything then

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  • its not exclusive until you both establish and agree upon that. i wouldn't assume anything is anything.

    • That's what I was thinking. I got a bit confused after that happened. Before I was just going with the flaw until I felt it was appropriate for him or I to bring it up. Thank you for your input!

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  • Your poll isn't very accurate. I voted A, but it could mean something but it does not mean exclusivity. Just like how you don't know if a guy likes you for sure unless he has told you that himself then you also don't know if you are exclusive unless he tells you or you guys discuss it.

    • Yes! I know what you mean about the poll not being accurate.. which I realized after I posted it. Well, I definitely think it does mean at least he's serious and isn't looking for short term thing but that introduction really took me by surprise. Thank you for your comment :)

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