What to do now... after misusing the term "our relationship" too early?

So I came to look at a house in the area I grew up. Met a girl that day at the bar and kept in touch via text, daily, for over a month. Moved back and hung out a few times, going as far as sleeping with eachother. I saw her out after then she acted super weird for a week. No fliriting, limited responses to texts. I don't like playing games so I asked to talk to her over the phone. Apologized if I made her feel weird, etc., when I saw her out... She informed me later that night after the bar I used the term "our relationship" in a text. I don't even remember it and didn't mean to insinuate she was my girlfriend. In the talk of me apologizing and explaining I didn't mean it like that "don't worry we're good" but I don't know what to do next. Back off, go back to normal, other? Just so confused because she had told me she liked me and all that before I guess the Relationship word scared her off. Any advice is appreciated.

Sorry the "don't worry we're good" was her response after informing me that the "our relationship" use was too fast and me explaining I didn't mean it that way.


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  • Go back to how it was before


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