Guys act childish when they like you?

So I've been talking to a guy that constantly tells me he likes me & always wants to see me, but when he sees me he acts mean & claims his way of showing he likes someone is to joke around & be mean kinda like when guys are little & are mean to the girl they like. He's 21 now tho. I guess I'm wondering if that concept applies at that age also?


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  • We can be known to, I try to not be though. He could be embarrassed for some reason and trys to blow it off by doing that to you (that doesn't necessarily mean that he is embarrassed for a bad reason.)

    I for example, am terrible with girls when there are other people around. Get me along or in texting however and i's a big teddy bear and not callous at all. In public? It feels like i'm always super serious and cold to the touch.


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