What should I do? am not able to take decision?

i was in relation with my school ex boyfriend back 4 years but we broke after but still he wants me and loves me a lot. he did proposed me to get married and now too.
other side i have my current boyfriend where we are in secret relationship, he too loves me a lot and we got intimated. my mom is not allowing me to keep any friendship with him but he said me not be to broken up and stay back with him. he also said he too had his bad past and still needs a time to fall in love with me as he is only attracted and likes me.
i said my ex about my current relationship but he is broken up to pieces and still knowing my ex still loves me a lot and wants me in his life back just after me he got a girl but they too broke up after some months back this year.
what should i do am not able to make my decision and how should i answer? please guys help me to solve this serious matter, its upon 3 lives.. am totally confused like tarapped in a web cob. please need you suggestions.

  • go with my ex
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  • stay back with my current one
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  • Wow, those are actually both bad options. New guy sounds a little shady, and I would have some pretty serious trust issues with him. Ex seems like he is only 'still in love' because he tried another girl and it didn't work, which means you are second place at best and probably in line to always be replaced when his interest is peaked elsewhere.

    Personally, I would choose C - none of the above.

    With that not being a choice though, I would avoid getting back with the ex at all costs. That is always a bad decision.


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  • SO you have to hide your current relationship? Im leaning towards ex just because of that. If you have to hide something its normally got and will only make more issues. I am not an anti-ex person like most. I know dozens of very happy exs some are even married now. Its all about being a better couple then you where the last time and you both have to be committed to that. Stupid things happen not all exs are because of unfixable issues.


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  • Your ex came back to you only after he tried another relationship, something like a second choice. Also, your current BF is serious about you staying with him, he just needs time, so I think you should be loyal to him. As far as your mother not supporting you, why is saying so? Does she have concrete reasons?

    My advice is, even if you break up with ur current BF if he turns out to be really a bad choice as told by your mother, DO NOT go back to the ex. If he loved you, then he should not have broken up. Why is he sad that u have a BF? What if your ex had not broken up with his latest GF, would he have left her for you sake? No, don't go back to ur ex.

    • she just has a misunderstanding point of view on my current as she is not so very well known tom him as i do.
      Thank you so much for your opinion. i appreciate.

    • @JulyAndrews Nice to know u share my views :)

      @ Asker Hope everything works out for you :)

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