Do you think it is harder to find a long term relationship on dating sites these days?

I remember back 5 years ago it was more easy and now it just seems like everyone wants to hook-up. I am not sure if its just me. For me to meet a person just in public is hard because i tend to be the shy type of person.


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  • I really don't believe in dating sites cause you run into
    many people who can't be trusted i have pen-pal ads on
    few sites but that's about it.. when you meet someone
    online they can be gold-diggers, just wanting sex
    like i tell everyone 80% of the people on the Internet
    have some kind of issues so it's really hard to find a
    good / real person / stable person to date to love
    you can meet someone online and your life can be hell
    you can meet someone online and they can great
    i would say about 20% of people on the Internet are
    pretty much safe and are looking for something real

    • Very true. I regret wasting time with this person from my past on the dating site and he cheated, did drugs and i never knew that side to him. So that's why i try not to trust so easily to other people.

    • I'm always upright honest with women online
      when we talk i don't hide nothing about myself
      i try not to trust too easy cause you got be careful
      i been catfished by people so i watch myself there
      is many people on SSI / Disability on the Internet
      some of them people won't tell you what's wrong
      with them some are severely mentally ill or some
      are drug addicts/ alcoholics with no future to offer
      some are milking the system there are men/ women
      whose mentally ill and won't tell anyone they hide it
      i see many men/ women are just looking to use people
      after they get what they want than they dump you
      my opinion the Internet is very dangerous

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  • The reason is people usually do not go to dating sites for long term relationships. They go there for hook ups and short time fun. And If u find one of them, they will definitely have a scratchy social life. If a guy has a girlfriend, y is he gonna sit in his computer each day just to chat with you, when he can get more than that in real life? When they start chatting their aim will be to meet and hook up, the sooner the better. If they start thinking You are expecting more than a hook up, they will just disappear. And there is no guarantee for genuinity of the details of the person, or the person itself (watch the movie "Disconnect") You are hot and cute, Get a real boyfriend. (I didn't mean to be mean).

  • Yes, because their are more women looking to have fun nowadays, and whats the easiest place to look than in the comfort of their own home. They can pick and choose freely instead of being bombarded by a bunch of ugly men in public. There are some sites for long term and people on the fling sites that may want long term also, that's why they call it fishing, or something like that. You never know what you'll come across.

    • I met a few weird characters. 5 years ago when i was plenty of fish. It was way easier to find a guy for long term. But now it's changed. I'll just wait until someone comes i guess lol

    • Trust me, the good guys are being rejected daily so you won't have to wait long

  • Leaving the trolls, the sex-only behind, Rise of individuality, ego-centrism, egoism actually has made it harder.

    Through feminism, for example, that openly encourages to blame and shame rather than praising knowing the others to induce a change. Change is induced by force.

    People tends more to only try to fulfill their own needs before building something with anybody, that would be more productive.

    That is why people break relation more than they create it, with ease. They do not create strong bounds, because both sides tend to be more focused on themselves.

    • i started to realize that when i was with my ex boyfriend i met him on pof and he wanted a long term relationship but he only ended up using me as a slide plate because he wanted to explore other options. He was more focused on himself then to focus on how i feel and i wanted to communicate better but he wouldn't bother to listen. But yeah how you put it out there is basically all they want

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    • I ain't blaming him. I should've of left sooner but i didn't. So i ended up cheating back. That was a mistake.

    • I do not want to argue with what happened, it's meaningless and totally irrelevant, the fact is the use of "HE" and "I" instead of WE, US, OUR.

      And talking about a personal experience is a dangerous road because it deviates the subject, people will refer to their subjective feelings instead of setting themselves down and taking an observation that would tend to be objective regarding what is actually going on.

      It would not be the absolute truth, or may be not the truth, but it would be the awareness of the total destruction of the principe of creating something with two people and the rise of individualism

  • Maybe try the old fashioned thing and go out and meet people in real life not on websites. You'll have better luck out in the real world all people see on websites is a easy fix or lay.

  • Actually i'm a shy person too and it's not easy for me to start conversation in rela life :D
    And yes it's not a good idea to find someone directly for Relationship on internet :p
    but it's nice for some meeting and dating :D

    • That is true. but i met my ex from pof and we been together for 5 years but ended the relationship. But nowadays i just think everyone just wants sex. Because i been on couple dates just turn out to be creeps

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    • I am new to this place but i can't send you message somehow. But to the answer to your question i have been stuck in the car in the snow lol and i am doing fine, how are u

    • haha lol :D
      so welcome :D
      i'm fine too thanks :)
      so another question :D is ur goal find someone for relationship to be on this site? :D

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  • Yes in general it's harder because people give up relatiosnhips very quickly anyway.

    And yes most dating sites are basically hook up sites.

    • Yeah that is true. You either get a guy who is a complete cheater, womanizer type of person or you basically end up with a hookup.

  • Yes I feel so, I was on okcupid few days sgo and I saw married men on it.. ewww

    • Eww that is gross! one time i went on date with this black guy and he didn't look like anything from his pictures. So i got catfished lol

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    • He lived an hour and half so kinda had to stay with him. He turned out to be a pervert. That was that.

    • Dangerous...

  • yes... it is harder

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