To get a personality? what does that mean?

So im 22 and I've never had a boyfriend
The last guy i dated said i was confident, cute and had a stupid humour which he liked, he also said i was a cool girl?

What is a cool girl by the way?

Anyways accordning to my brother i dont have a personality and he tells me to get one. He said i need to be more interesting so that boys will like me. Honestly i think im interesting, i go to shcool, i work, i work out, i travel, I've lived in 2 different countries, so isn't that interesting enough? i speak 3 languages fluently.. i mean come on.. i also have writing as a hobby..

So yea he said i dont have a boyfriend because i dont have a personality, and people think im funny..

The reason im writing about this is that i met a guy this weekend and he added himself trough my Facebook but he never accepted my request.. he was a doctor and very hot, 26 years and im 22 and we made out but i felt like he wanted more.. sex
I told my brother about this and he laughed and said get a personality.. the dude asked me if i wanted to go home with him and i said no


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  • You are sooo snooozeville, ZZZZ see I'm falling asleep already. What you need to do is find more hobbies that interest men and not just you. Yes, men do most of the stuff you just named, but men do a lot more stuff as well such as sports, games, cars, fun, etc etc. Of course all of that stuff you are doing is great, but most women are doing that nowadays. What more do you like? When I meet a woman she may ask me what I do and I tell her, she may keep it in the back of her mind, like oh he's doing well for himself, but she doesn't want to dwell on my professional life. That's not what struck her interest, she believes I may have an interesting personalities, hobbies.

    Here's an interesting woman to me... Hi, im amber I do social work, I like movies, love to sing/act/whatever, cook different foods, I like to workout, I love vintage, I speak 3 different languages, Iived in _____, I love the Aggies (football team), I like bmw, I love to write about media events. I've bungie jumped before, etc.

    Here's me sounding like you... im trav software engineer, I write programs, I travel, I workout, I work, school, etc. ;p I almost dozed off again, in short pick up more interesting hobbies that men find interesting. If you don't want to keep being just a honey pot, put honey in there that will make men want to stick, fun girl, interesting hobbies, goals, keeper... market yourself better.

    • I do if i really hit it off with a guy but not a lot of guys are worth trying hard to get their attention..

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  • I don't know you. I can't possibly begin to tell you what is going on. I'm going to make a guess, and see if maybe this is you.

    You try too hard to be a guy's buddy that you're interested in.

    • No i dont, i dont all of the suddent pick up their guy interests, im being myself.. how am i being a guys buddy

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    • Im very independant and i do a lot of things so i like independant guys who aren't needy and that have a lot going on but at the same time we both can come together and spend time with eachother.

    • I dont' think a lack of personality is your issue. It might be that you're coming off as too "independent". Guys like to feel needed. Guys like girls to need them.

  • i go to shcool, i work, i work out, i travel, I've lived in 2 different countries, so isn't that interesting enough? i speak 3 languages fluently.. i mean come on.. i also have writing as a hobby..

    I'll edit this list to what is interesting:

    i speak 3 languages fluently

    There you go. Writing is generally a boring hobby for a girl since so many college girls are comms, english, or history majors.

  • Guys don't care about anything you listed. That's the type of stuff girls look for in guys, not the other way around.

    • what do they care for

    • A girl who's fun, cares about us, doesn't drag us down with her negativity, shows interest in us, and isn't high maintenance.

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  • Who listens to their brother? In translation you all looks, but no spark of life. You are an intellect, that has different views from most people, am I right?
    If you want a substantial relationship you should probably make some more rules for yourself, I am going to give you credit for catching some great fish :)
    Anyway, you're being yourself so if your guy doesn't like and respect you there is always another great guy waiting, maybe when your brother say something like that again comment on he has way too much personality to handle.

    • What kind of rules? :)

    • Lol just do what right by yourself, and it does sound like he likes you, maybe he's in an overdrive at the moment but I can only wish you good experiences and/or a relationship :)

  • Eh just be patient girl, you not having a boyfriend has nothing to do with not having a personality. The right guy will like YOU because you are YOU. And the guy from this weekend, well he just wanted sex and wasn't interested in anything else. I've seen this happen before. You've got a lot to offer to someone. Be patient, i know it's tough.