Is it a good or bad if a friend of yours texts the girl who dumped you?

Sorry the title is a little misleading as I didn't know how to describe and it doesn't fit my question but here's the story. I dated this girl for about 2-3 months. Then we had an argument and we stopped dating. I chased her for a few weeks but she kept ignoring me. Then I finally decided to give up. After a week of no contact, I got her message saying "I want to talk to you". I replied and she started telling me about her problems with uni, friends etc. After talking to me she said she felt better. And a couple of days later she started ignoring me again. Then I text her saying she needs to stop using me as her emotional support and tell me what exactly she wants. After that text, she blocked me. In short, she messed with my head quite a lot!

Now, this friend of mine that I've known for over 10 years knew I was upset because I had feelings for this girl. Last night, he sent her a rage filled message from his number. He told her how immature and how much of a cruel bitch she has been to me, she was in the wrong to contact me after she told me she didn't like me just to use me as an anchor was not fair because all that does is give a guy who is interested in a girl lots of mixed messages, and plays with his emotions far too much. She cannot reject a person then, run back to them to talk to, only to walk away once she got what she needed, then repeat it again. It just not fair. He also told her she owes me a huge apology for everything she has done.

He sent her this text first and told me later. And I'm really confused right now because she doesn't like me already and this text might have made her even angrier. Was it a good idea of him? He said he just wanted to make her realise how unfair she has been and he wants her to apologize.

Girls, what would your reaction be if you dumped a guy for wrong reason and then his friend sent you a text like that? Would that push you away even more from the guy or would that make you think and realize you were wrong?


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  • Honestly? You should be happy that he has your back and isn't trying to hook up with her.. I've had a few friends of my exes try to hit on me after we broke up.

    • Haha that isn't the situation here though. I met that girl on a dating site. And my friend and this girl dont know each other. So, what's the case now?

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  • If she doesn't like you, who gives a fuck if she's upset with you. She likely won't apologize. I applaud your friend's loyalty, but it's likely not going to result in a good outcome.

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